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Code Snippets

How to add meta to a custom post type in wordpress

The code snippets in this article will show you how to add and retrieve meta to and from a custom post type in wordpress.

Code Snippets

Formatting the post date in Wordpress

The code snippets in this article show you how to format the post date in Wordpress.

Code Snippets

Get user by author id in wordpress

How to get a user by the author id in WordPress.

Code Snippets

Get current user id in WordPress

How to get the current user id and other user information using WordPress.

Code Snippets

Get date format admin setting in WordPress

How to get the wordpress date format as defined in the admin settings for formatting timestamps.

Code Snippets

Code to backup a wordpress database

This code snippet shows you how to create a complete MySQL export file of your WordPress database.

Code Snippets

Add an admin WordPress page not shown in the menu

This snippet shows you how to add custom admin pages to WordPress without adding them to the menu.


Creating config files for multiple environments in WordPress

In this article we're going to take a look at how to create a config file in WordPress that is compatible with multiple environments. The goal is to be able to deploy or upload all site files without worrying about breaking the code because you require different settings for different environments.


WordPress for commercial sites - the hard sell

It turns out developers aren't the only people any more who have an opinion on which CMS framework is used to develop the next project, well... not if you mention WordPress that is.

Code Snippets

Use a WordPress shortcode in a template

Code snippets for using WordPress shortcodes inside templates.

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